Lay down the green in 2014
Sean Ruggles
Friday, August 01, 2014

Dear Badger Supporters,

Do you want our stadium to have the look of the picture above. This can happen this year. We want to inform you of a recent project that we are extremely jacked about. In January, Donnie Whitten, Chris Babb, and JR Eldridge began exploring the possibility of artificial grass as a playing surface for Badger Stadium. So, we put together a committee and went to work. Our motto is "LAYING DOWN THE GREEN IN 2014!" We are even more jacked about a recent development in the private funding of our project. Sykes Enterprises, of Malvern, committed to a donation to become a field sponsor. Their sponsorship will pay for a third of the project, which is $250,000. We have been pursuing other possible donors for the project in order to secure private funds equaling approximately $750,000 by May 1. This is a significant step toward "LAYING DOWN THE GREEN IN 2014!" Additionally, we have met with Geosurfaces, who installed the turf on Henderson State University's field. Recently, geo-technical testing was performed on our field to determine what is under the current surface. The main purpose of this post is to invite you to be excited about the project and help us gain momentum toward "LAYING DOWN THE GREEN IN 2014!" Thanks for your continued support. Go Badgers!