UPDATED (and corrected) "This Week in APSD Athletics" as of Monday, April 3
Arkadelphia Athletics
Monday, April 03, 2017

We've had some updates for the week, but the weekly schedule posted Sunday night had some errors. We'd blame it on Spring Break, but we've exceeded the statute of limitations on that one. 

Specifically, there are NO home soccer games on Tuesday. Last week's home Mena matches weren't deleted from the line for Tuesday, so it caused some confusion. Sorry about that. Soccer is at Nashville Monday night and at Counterpoint on Thursday night.

Also, home softball games on Wednesday vs. Prescott were omitted from the original schedule. Also solidified Monday morning were baseball and softball games Monday night at HSU.

The updated (and what we believe to be correct) schedule is below. Apologies for any confusion the errors may have caused.