Nikki Thomas
Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Peake Elementary will celebrate Red Ribbon Week October 27 - 31, 2014. 

ALL WEEK- We will be collecting CANS OF COMPASSION, food for those that are in need.Soups, spaghetti-o’s, ravioli, ramen noodles, tuna…things that children can open and prepare for themselves.

Monday Oct.27 HOOKED ON HUNTING - NOT ON DRUGS! Students wear camouflage to school.NO Hats please.  

Tuesday Oct. 28 –WEAR RED and “I MUSTACHE YOU NOT TO DO DRUGS!” Wear Red and a Moustache to School {we will paint moustaches if needed}. 

Wednesday Oct.29- TEAM UP AGAINST DRUGS! Each class will decide as a group what their class theme will be and all will dress accordingly.

Thursday Oct. 30- SOCK IT TO DRUGS!Wear wild or mismatched socks to school.

Friday Oct. 31.DRUGS CAN’T SEE ME! Since it is Halloween we will wear a mask, but only those that cover from their nose up and were made in art room will be allowed.The students will use the Characters from their Literature books as the subject of the Masks.No costumes allowed, just the masks made in Peake's Art room.We will cut out the shape and the students can decorate them.