AHS SB/BB Fan Info. for New Badger & Lady Badger Home
Arkadelphia Athletics
Friday, February 26, 2016

With the new season of 2016 for Arkadelphia Lady Badger softball and Badger baseball comes a new home and new surroundings for the two teams.

After decades of playing home games at Sturgis Field on 12th street, the Badgers will move to a new field at the Arkadelphia Youth Sports Complex. The Lady Badgers’ physical move may not be very far – as the new field is just across the parking lot from where the AHS softball team has played for the last 10 years at the YSC– the location is the only thing that will be similar.

Because there are many new aspects to home games, we wanted to provide some direction for fans who will be attending games. One benefit of the new setup is that fans can watch both teams at the same time on the days where both teams are in town. Both teams will be playing in the newest pod of fields at the Arkadelphia Youth Sports Complex.

PHYSICAL ADDRESS: Although the actual fields do not have a physical address that can be input into a phone or GPS, the entrance to the Youth Sports Complex on Country Club Road can be used. Type in “2510 Country Club Road, Arkadelphia, AR, 71923” to be taken to the entrance of the Arkadelphia Youth Sports Complex. The entrance is at the top of a hill and Thompson Road leads to the fields at the complex.

ARKADELPHIA YOUTH SPORTS COMPLEX: The complex features one pod of four little league baseball fields which are the first fields that visitors will see when arriving at the complex at the bottom of the hill. Across the parking lot to the north is a second pod of fields which are the new softball and baseball fields on which the Badgers and Lady Badgers will play on along with an additional youth softball field. Beyond those fields are a fishing pond and youth soccer and football fields at the far north end of the complex

FAN PARKING: In a welcome change - for baseball fans particularly - there will be plenty of asphalt parking spots available within a short walk to both fields. Parking is available in either of the lots at the base of the hill when entering the Youth Sports Complex. Parking can also be found on the north side of the complex along the left-field line of the baseball field or near the pond and soccer fields located in the complex. The parking on the north side of the field does have a higher chance of being in the landing area of a foul ball.

Handicap parking is located in the north parking lot with the entrance along the left-field line of the baseball field. Handicap spots are near the center of the pod and are equidistant to both of the fields on which the Badger and Lady Badgers will be playing.

BUS PARKING: Buses of opposing teams should park to the north side of the baseball field near the pond that is beyond the left field wall of the baseball field. Parking is available adjacent to the drive that leads to the complex’s soccer fields out of harm’s way from foul balls or home runs. Buses may drop opposing teams off at either fan entrance (left field corner of softball or left field corner of baseball field) and then continue driving around the facility. The road will come back around to the pond at the north side of the baseball field. If a coach is driving the bus and is the only one on the trip, the team can unload at the bus parking spot and still have a relatively short walk.

TICKETS/GATE ADMISSION: Admission for all regular season games will be $5 for students and adults. Ticket tables and tents will be located at the pedestrian bridge near the left field corner of the Lady Badger softball field as fans walk across from the parking lot as well as at the entrance to the parking lot along the left-field line of the baseball field.

RESTROOMS: Restrooms for men and women are located in the building that houses the concession stand and locker rooms in between the fields.

CONCESSIONS: Concession stand will be open during home games and will be operated by the Parks and Recreation Department.

DUGOUTS: For Badger and Lady Badger games, teams will be in the following dugouts:
Lady Badgers: 1st base dugout
Visitors: 3rd base dugout

Badgers: 3rd base dugout
Visitors: 1st base dugout

FAN SEATING: Limited bleacher seating is available at both fields and fans are welcome to bring lawn chairs and sit along the fence line at either field.