Smith's students discover new species in Caddo Valley
Arkadelphia Public Schools
Thursday, September 07, 2017

Mrs. Smith's 6th grade Pre-AP Science students at Goza have spent the first few weeks of school studying the “Nature of Science."

"The nature of science refers to key principles and ideas which provide a description of science as a way of knowing, as well as characteristics of scientific knowledge. These skills contain very important features that focus on scientific levels of uncertainty, social aspects, and reasons for reliability. In this activity, the 6th graders are part of a collaborative scientific team that has just discovered numerous new species in Caddo Valley. They must decide how they will classify and name each new organism. They also had to create their own dichotomous key that would allow others to follow the decided classification system. This activity required students to make qualitative observations, communicate clearly with peers, organize information using a flow chart, argue reasonableness, and present findings in a table." - Mrs. Misty Smith