4A State Championship Game Souvenirs, Etc.
4A State Championship Game Souvenirs, Etc.
Arkadelphia Athletics
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Man, what a day to be a Badger on Saturday. Maybe you were one of the 5,000-plus Badger fans in the background of this picture and you see where you were standing. Congratulations to our 2017 Badger team, coaching staff and support staff for being the 2017 4A State Champions. Congrats to the fans for providing a huge advantage at the stadium with your support throughout the game.

Several have asked about purchasing various things after the championship game to have as souvenirs and memorabilia. Below are some of the things that are available right now. We also look to have a commemorative DVD with highlights, audio clips, footage from various media outlets including Badger alum Tony Ranchino from KATV Channel 7 for fans to have to be able to remember the day. Look for that to be available after the beginning of the year. Also be on the lookout for information on a State Championship celebration banquet after the New Year as well.

Arkadelphia Badger Foundation State Championship T-Shirts and Hoodies
- sold by the Arkadelphia Badger Foundation with proceeds returning to the program to support our student-athletes. 
- order deadline is Friday, December 15 at noon
- online orders must be paid for by credit card in order to complete order

Print Mania/Arkadelphia Badger Foundation "We Take No Ls" Shirts and Hoodies
(link is to Print Mania's Facebook page; scroll down to see post about this promotion)
- a reprint of the infamous "maybe on purpose and maybe not" shirts with the "L" left out of Arkadelphia on the original run. Hats of to AHS senior cheerleader Kacie Thomas for noting that "This is Arkadelphia - we take no "L's" in the playoffs" and giving the shirts a new life after the Badgers won the state title.
- $5 of purchases from this run of shirts will go back to the Arkadelphia Badger Foundation
- see Print Mania instructions at the link regarding order information

Audio Copy of Arkadelphia Badger Radio Broadcast (e-mail link)
- have your copy of the radio broadcast from the Voice of the Badgers, Dr. Jeff Root with color analysts Caleb Byrd and Jack Bennington.
- copy can be on a CD or USB drive; cost is $10
- proceeds go back to Badger Athletics

Audio Copy of Game Broadcast from 103.7 The Buzz (e-mail link)
- CD copy of the radio broadcast from KABZ 103.7 The Buzz with RJ Hawk Bob White and Eric Sullivan
- RJ Hawk from 103.7 The Buzz will e-mail you back with ordering details

DVD Copy of TV Broadcast from Fidelity6 and KASN/The CW
- DVD copy of the game broadcast from Saturday. Play by play from Ben Creighton with color commentary from Buck James, Mike Volarvich and Wess Moore on the sidelines.

ImageOne Championship Gear that was sold at War Memorial Stadium Saturday
- ImageOne is the official championship game day merchandise supplier for the Arkansas Activities Association.
- items include t-shirts, hoodies, license plates, stickers, etc.