The Great American Wax Museum
Nikki Thomas
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Students in Mrs. Mona Jackson's 4th grade literacy classes chose a famous American they wanted to research. They read a biography of that person’s life and did additional research with other books and on the internet. They had to find out the person’s birth/death, birthplace, what he/she did when young, what he/she did when older, why the person is famous, how the world is different because of that person. Additionally, they had to assign the person three character traits that described them. After they finished their research, they wrote a first person narrative about the famous American’s life. They also created a poster that included a portrait, a time line, the first person narrative, and a bio-poem about their person.  Students showcased their research in "The Great American Wax Museum" during a class parent night where each student dressed up as their person and presented their first person narratives to the audience.  They then sang a patriotic song as a group and went to their post as a wax figure under the posters they created for the museum. The audience was then able to browse the "museum." This was a wonderful example of project-based learning and family involvement for these students! 

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