Parents: SAVE MONEY With a Jr. Badger Club Membership
Arkadelphia Athletics
Monday, August 22, 2016

Ok, so mom or dad saving money may not be the biggest benefit your child gets, but it will be for you, and we knew it would get your attention.

If you plan to bring your future Badger or Lady Badger age Kindergarten through 6th grade to more than 6 Badger or Lady Badger athletic events this year, take advantage of a Junior Badger Club membership for your youngster. 

It'll make him/her an inside part of Badger and Lady Badger Athletics, and it will make your wallet stay a little bit more full throughout the course of the 2016-17.

For more information, look in your child's communication folder this week from school, see the image below or print a flier out by visiting

and clicking on the "Junior Badger Club" flier link toward the bottom of the list of documents on the page.

Hope to see lots of Junior Badgers this season cheering on the Badgers and Lady Badgers in 2016-17.