Arkadelphia Athletics
Monday, September 19, 2016

There have been a few schedule changes to the 7th grade Badger football schedule that we wanted to notify parents and fans of so schedules can be changed accordingly.

We've included a screenshot of the new schedule with this story and will update and post a link to the printable version on the site as well.

The 7th grade Badgers will still open the season tonight (Monday, September 19th) at 5:30 against Malvern on AllCare Field at Badger Stadium.

All 3 of the Saturday jamborees that the Badgers play in with Malvern, Hot Springs, Lakeside and others have been moved up one week. The immediate change is that the 7th grade Badgers will now play at Hot Springs THIS SATURDAY, September 24, instead of the previous date of October 1st. The new schedule also has the Arkadelphia Jamboree on October 1st and now the Malvern Jamboree on October 8.

The other addition to the schedule is a Thursday, October 6th, home game against Fountain Lake to replace the game that was lost from the schedule last week. The 7th grade Badgers will play the Cobras at 5:30 before the junior high game against the Cobras at 7:00. There was originally an 8th-grade game scheduled for the 5:30 slot, but the 8th-grade game will not be played.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. Thanks for your support of the Badgers and Lady Badgers.