Important Flu Shot Announcement
Kathy Loden
Monday, October 05, 2015

Clark County Health Unit 

605 south 10th St. Arkadelphia, Ar. 71923 870-246-4471

Dear Parents,

The Arkansas Dept. of Health will not receive a large supply of FLU mist this year in comparison to previous years.

If you prefer FLU mist it is best to mark “FLU MIST” as your preference. However, if you mark “FLU MIST and DO NOT GIVE IF MY PREFERNCE IS UNAVAILABLE” on your child’s flu form, there is a greater chance that your child will return home without any Vaccine being given. If we run out of “FLU MIST” and you do not mark “DO NOT GIVE IF MY PREFERNCE IS UNAVAILABLE” your child will receive the FLU INJECTION.

Our goal is to keep your child healthy and protected from the Flu Virus.

If you have returned your forms back to the school, please let the school know in writing if you wish to change your form to allow the Injection or Do Not Give If My Preference Is Unavailable for the Mist so we can assure that your child gets this valuable protection.


Kathy Loden, RN, Administrator

Clark County Health Unit