Peake to Celebrate Red Ribbon Week
Nikki Thomas
Friday, October 23, 2015

Peake Elementary School will celebrate Red Ribbon Week during the week of October 26 - 30, 2015!  Several events are planned for the week:

Monday - "My Future is Too Bright for Drugs!" Students wear bright/neon colors to school.  Red Ribbon Week Coordinator, Lea Myers, will speak to students about the week's events.

Tuesday - "Put a cap on drugs!" Students wear caps/hats to school.  Guest speakers, Chris Porter and Sheriff Jason Watson, will speak to students about drug effects on mental and physical health.

Wednesday - "Team Up Against Drugs!"  Each class will choose a theme for the day.  HSU Athletes will speak to students about saying NO to drugs!

Thursday - "Sock it to Drugs!"  Students wear crazy / mismatched socks to school.

Friday - "Rally Against Drugs!"  Students wear school spirit colors (4th Grade - Badger Blue ; 5th Grade - Red ) for a pep rally led by Coach JR Eldridge and the AHS football players and cheerleaders. Students will also participate in a school-wide photo.

We are excited about celebrating remaining DRUG - FREE!!!