• APSD is committed to the safety of all students and staff and will implement the latest health and safety guidelines from the Arkansas Department of Health and the Arkansas Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  • APSD will deliver curriculum, instruction, and assessment in a blended learning environment. This will ensure that all K-12 students are connected to high quality instruction and engagement, regardless of location.

  • APSD instruction, whether online or on-site will include new content consisting of the appropriate course content standards.

  • APSD will provide the opportunity for each student to use a digital device that can be utilized to access online instructional content.

  • APSD is working to ensure that each student in the District has Internet access that is sufficient to utilize the District’s Learning Management System (LMS) that includes coursework containing streamed or uploaded lessons and activities in an event extended school closures become necessary.

  • APSD will identify student knowledge and learning gaps using NWEA diagnostic assessment and develop tailored instructional support for each K-8 student using a student-focused approach.

  • APSD will build a connected educational community that promotes school spirit and student involvement.

  • APSD will provide support for parents and students to innovate and adapt to new learning opportunities. This support includes interacting with parents, students, and the community regarding day-to-day expectations.


The Arkadelphia Public School District is committed to meeting the needs of every family in relation to their student’s education. For the 2020-21 school year, APSD will offer two learning options for kindergarten through 12th grade students. Each option will utilize the Online Learning Management System in the event extended school closures become necessary. These learning opportunities will assist in assuring the safety of students and staff members while providing equity and excellence in the education of all our students. Current deadline to sign up for the Virtual Learning Option is July 31.

Two Learning Options

  1. In-Classroom Blended Learning : all five days on-site

  2. Virtual Learning: All five days remote


✲ Virtual Learning Option will require a signed contract.


  • APSD will provide campuses, families, and students the latest information on health and safety guidelines from COVID-19 District and School Information (DESE). Each campus will implement APSD health and safety guidelines for on-site instruction.

  • Online learning will not mirror the Spring 2020 AMI concept. Grades will be counted; attendance will be documented.

  • Families are strongly encouraged to commit to an option for at least a nine weeks period.

  • APSD will ensure the continuity of teaching and learning by providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum that includes blended learning (K-12).

  • APSD will provide a Learning Management System and 1-to-1 digital devices if needed for Grades K-12.

  • APSD expects students to regularly engage in online course work, failure to do so could result in automatic enrollment to onsite classes.

  • Teachers will be utilizing the Learning Management System within all classes. The content and engagement will depend upon the type of class--online or onsite blended learning.

  • Teachers of online classes will provide students will online classroom management expectations.

  • NWEA Diagnostic Assessment for students in Grades K-8 will be conducted three times a year to identify student knowledge and learning gaps.

  • The Virtual Learning Option will require participation in Online Learning Orientation by the student and a parent or guardian.

  • The Virtual Learning Option will require a signed contract by the student and a parent or guardian. The online learning contract will detail the expectations of the school in regard to participation by students in regard to remote learning. The contract will also communicate consequences of failure to regularly participate and complete work within a class.

  • Students and parents/guardians, if receiving a digital device, will be required to sign an agreement form after participation in a digital device orientation session.