Arkadelphia K-6 Online Learning Information

Students in Grades K-6 who are accepted into Arkadelphia Online Learning will be enrolled in an online program that utilizes course content and teachers provided by Dawson Education Service Cooperative.  

K-6 Students will be enrolled in online courses as an Arkadelphia Public School student, however, the online instruction will be provided by Dawson Educational Cooperative using the Edgenuity Course Curriculum and Lexie Core5 Reading Supplement.  Students will be taught by a Dawson Education Service Cooperative teacher through an online learning management system.  Arkadelphia School District will provide a facilitator who will work in cooperation with the Dawson Cooperative as well as with the students and their families. 

Students will participate in three face-to-face online meetings per week with a teacher. 

Teachers will be available daily to answer questions.  Students will also have asynchronous lessons that they will complete on their schedule outside of the online meetings. Online teachers will be communicating regularly with parents. 

Attendance will be taken daily using ZOOM and/or the learning management platform. 

Student orientation conducted by Dawson Cooperative is the first chance to engage with students and parents. The orientation will foster an atmosphere of student-focused education. Student orientation will provide all the information and resources for the student to have a successful academic year.

Dawson Education Service Cooperative’s parent orientation will provide initial support as well as ongoing support planned throughout the year. A Dawson Digital Learning Coordinator will be available and will focus on building relationships with students and parents. In order for a student to be a successful online learner, a partnership must be established between the parent, student, the online teacher, the Dawson Digital Learning Coordinator, and an Arkadelphia School District Facilitator. 

Limited spots are available. 

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