ahs cellphone

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students at AHS,

 Beginning Monday, May 2, 2022, students will not be allowed to use cell phones, smartwatches, earbuds, air pods, or Bluetooth headphones during the school day, for ANY reason. Cell phones must be on silent and stored inside backpacks. This policy will be strictly enforced from 7:25-3:05 daily.  

 Students may bring earphones that are wired and plug directly into the laptop if needed for coursework.

  If there is a medical reason to use a cell phone, that will be allowed per a §504 or health plan.

 The procedures that will be used to address any infractions will be as follows:

For the first week only, teachers will put the student’s electronic device in a ziplock bag with the student’s name on it and the student will be allowed to pick up the device from the front office at 3:05, when they leave school. The first week will help students learn the new procedures. After the first week, any devices must be picked up by the student’s parents.

First offense- Parent must pick up the device

Second offense and above- 1 day ISS and parent must pick up the device.  

 If at any time a student refuses to turn over the electronic device, the parents will be called to come to pick up the student and they will receive one day of OSS. 

 Parents are encouraged to use email to communicate with their students in lieu of using texts. Students can check their email on the computer at any time during the day. If there is an emergency, parents can call the office at 246-7373. Teachers may also allow students to use the classroom phone to call a parent if the teacher gives permission. 

 Thank you for your support,

 Callie Hunley, Principal

Trent Smith, Assistant Principal