Pre-K Program Online payments


 The Arkadelphia School District will start accepting online payments for our district Pre-K Programs.  You will be able to use your debit or credit card.  However, you may continue to take your payments to Mrs. McLane at Perritt. We want to make it convenient for our parents, so use which ever method that is best for you.  There will be a service charge fee for each online payment.  Instructions are as follows:  Go to OUR HOMEPAGE Scroll to the bottom, select ONLINE PAYMENTS.  You will have to set up an account to make payments.  Make your selection by clicking the Pre-K block.  You will then select Perritt Pre-K at the top. Once you make your selection it will give you further options.  You will add items to your cart, when you are ready to check out it will ask for additional information.  Please be patient with us, we are trying to move into the next century, and will try to work through the kinks as they present themselves.