Congratulations to the 2017 King of Hearts!

Jack Bennington, escorted by Ke’arlyn Anderson and Allie Harris

Griffin Brown, escorted by Kaillah Leeper and Diovanni McDore

Preston Crowder, escorted by Hannah Fenocchi and Dekota Jones

Shemar Dickens, escorted by Kyla Goshen and Kabrelle Stulgate

Hank Gardner, escorted by Cynthia Castro and Elizabeth Watson

Jared Garner, escorted by Alexis Smith

Eric Groom, escorted by Nia Nelson

Cole Kirksey, escorted by Mary Jane Adame and Sintara Arnold

Tajhan McKenzie, escorted by Kaitlyn Hart and Trudy Vo

Robert Morgan, escorted by Indesia Eley

Javeon Nelson, escorted by August McClure

Turner Pentecost, escorted by Jalise Hayes

Sunny Rohant, escorted by Jada Summerville

Nathan Warner, escorted by Kamryn Thorne and Jamari Whitaker

We would like to extend a special congratulations to Sunny Rohant for being crowned as king.