Arkadelphia High School awarded Badger Scholar honors to 151 students during the 36th annual Badger Scholar Banquet on May 23. This year, over 430 people attended the Badger Scholar Banquet, located at Walker Conference Center on the campus of Ouachita Baptist University.

The Badger Scholar Program, partially funded by the CONE Foundation, is an academic reward program for Arkadelphia High School students, beginning under the administration of AHS Principal Dr. Steve Castleberry. Dr. Castleberry wanted to motivate students and reward them for their academic achievement.

During the inaugural year of the Badger Scholar Program, only around a dozen AHS students were honored. In 1986, AHS Principal Herman Thomas and a student committee redesigned the program to the format used today.

In order to become a Badger Scholar, students must sign an intent form declaring interest in becoming a Badger Scholar and maintain at least a 3.5 GPA for each of the first three nine weeks.

The First Year Badger Scholars are awarded a Badger Scholar pin and certificate at the ceremony. Second Year Scholars receive a Badger Scholar t-shirt. Third year Badger Scholars receive a personalized plaque. Fourth Year Badger Scholars receive a personalized letterman blanket. All Badger Scholars are awarded a locker in an area preferred by the students.

First Year Badger Scholars for 9th grade include: Mary Jane Adame, Allison Adkison, Tyler Allen, Kamryn Bell, Caroline Cissell, Garrett Collie, Robert Crawley, Prince Dalal, Caroline Derby, Michael Evans, Hannah Fenocchi, Ethan Fielding, Addelyn Groom, Shunn Harrison, Sumner Huerkamp, Camille Jones, Nicholas LeVar, Colleen Lloyd, Shannon Mecum, Faith Ochello, Jenna Patterson, Owen Phillips, Alec Ruble, Diana Summerville, Lauren Trippett, Trudy Vo, Josh Wallace, Andrew Webb and Angelmaa Wempe.

First Year Badger Scholars for 10th grade include: Baylee Bethell, Keaton Goodrum, Kristopher Hall, Kathleen Helms, Angel Marciano, Camdon Narlesky, Drew Saunders and Foxx Ward.

First Year Badger Scholars for 11th grade include: Gabriel Curlin, Evelyn Durrett, Baliey Elder, Jalise Hayes, Kenzi Land, Cole McMillan, Cristo Rivera, Destiny Walker and K’lee Zeagler.

First Year Badger Scholars for 12th grade include: Tyra Adams, Kyauna Crawford, Darby Deaton, Erica Dixon, Samantha Dixon, Cheyenne Gray, Anaya Hunter, Macklaine Irby, Keyasha Jones, Christia Livsey, Kameron Owens and Brenna Spells.

Second Year Badger Scholars for 10th grade include: Elizabeth Adair, Mikayla Adams, Tanner Adams, Khennedy Brunson, Jack Burnham, Matthew Calhoun, Jimmy Castro, Mollie Daniell, Parker Davis, Fateemah Faiq, Allison Harris, Scott Holbrook, Blanton Matthews, William Matthews, Leotis McClure, Ryan Motl, Radreka Perry, Taylor Savage, Ashlyn Taylor, Kacie Thomas and Haley Zeiler.

Second Year Badger Scholars for 11th grade include: Joseph Andrews, Griffin Brown, Nicholas Gerber, Rachel Gierth, Macey Green, Aabrejah Hill, Chris LeVar, Autumn Loy and Nia Nelson.

Second Year Badger Scholars for 12 grade include: Katy Dickerson, Kayla Goshen, Madison House, Rylee Maxwell, Zhaiven Nelson, Lauren Newton, Brady Purifoy, Kevin Tate, Camille Tedder and Jahishmah Whittie.

Third Year Badger Scholars for 11th grade include: Ja’Kaisha Arnold, Jackson Bennington, Tea Burgess, Tiara Burgess, Preston Crowder, Nova Franklin, Jared Garner, Keawana Hale, Jatasia Jenkins, Tierra McCraney, Sidney Medley, Pempho Moyo, Kierstyn Noel, Turner Pentecost, Cameron Porchia, Connie S. Quintero, Emilee Roberson, Lacarol Rone, Alexis Summerford, Chandler Taylor, Kayla Thompson, Abby Turner, Dalon Turner andAbby White.

Third Year Badger Scholars for 12th grade include: Autumn Blankenship, Kaylee Davidson, Tyler Freeman, AddyGoodman, Tyler Hill, Cutter Jester, Tori Jones andKaseySmith.

Fourth Year Badger Scholars include: Mason Archer, Brayden Bebee, Jacob Coon, Race Craft, Trace Fryar, Kameron Hall, Brock Huerkamp, Grant Hughes, Alexandria Hunter, David Lloyd, Brandon Matros, Erin Mecum, JohnathanMiles, Ryan Otwell, Blanca Rodriguez, Kaitlyn Rubach, Morgan Stinson, Mackenzie Suggs, Madeline Wallace, Kaitlyn Williams andCassidy Witherspoon.

See photos from the 2016 Badger Scholar Banquet HERE.