Earlier in the school year, teams of GEOIED Students competed in Arkansas Tech University’s Students Design For Change Competition. The competition was designed to encourage teams of students to examine the problem of homelessness and to design microshelters that can be used as temporary housing for people without homes. As part of the competition, ATU has selected five teams as Finalists. Each of the Finalist Teams will receive a check for $1000 which they will use to build their proposed design. Four of the five teams chosen were from Arkadelphia High School’s GEOIED classes. Mr. Williams and Mr. McMillion offer our Congratulations to the following teams! It is worth noting that there were many great designs produced by GEOIED students and all students in the classes are to be commended for their work ethic on a challenging design problem.


The Dream Team:

Kristen Curtis

Sawyer Goodrum

Reece Nowlin

Eli Perrin

The Snurkies:

McKinley Green

Reagan Rorie

Staton Whitten

Tyler Woodson

The Elite Four:

Kyle Whittle

Alex Leguin

Chase Goodson

Mike Evans

The Badger Builders:

Cabb Batson

Keyshaun Buckley

Collin Medley

Jasmine Moreno