Nurses Badger Pride Award

Spenser O’Brien serves the Arkadelphia Public School District as a full-time nurse at Perritt Primary School. Spenser is serving her second year as the school nurse for the district’s kindergarten through second grade campus. Perritt Primary School’s Principal, Heather Williams, recognizes the essential component the school nurse plays as part of the school team and knows Spenser has gone above and beyond the traditional role. 

Spenser says one rewarding aspect of her job is the community relationships she gets to experience. She loves the involvement with parents, students, and the school staff. Spenser previously served as an emergency room nurse and a home health nurse. 

Spenser sees preventative care as a major focus in her job as a school nurse especially for her young students. These students are at the age where certain conditions are just being identified. She knows that early treatment may turn around a situation for a student and their future. She has the opportunity to teach students and their families healthy habits that can be life changing and life saving.

Spenser has sensed a certain comfort level that parents are experiencing with a full-time nurse now present on the Perritt campus. Spenser’s time began during the fall of 2020 when students came back to campus during the COVID pandemic, but this is not the only health concern she sees. The school nurse serves a diverse group of students with a variety of health needs.  Mrs. Williams, shares that Spenser’s “role is vast and challenging, yet she does it all with a positive attitude.” Spenser has risen to the occasion and serves the APSD campus with knowledge and compassion. Thank you Spenser for all you do!

The Arkadelphia Public School District school nurses were recognized at the regular September Board Meeting with a Badger Pride Award, but the appreciation did not stop there. APSD Board Members presented gift baskets full of local business products and gift cards to Nurses Spenser O'Brien, Macy Jones, and Beth Hasley. Nicole McGough with Patterson Federal Credit Union was also there to present the nurses with a gift card. Thank you to our school nurses for your dedication and hard work to our district. We appreciate our APSD Board and community for recognizing the efforts of our school nurses.