Our students are preparing to take ACT Aspire Exam this month in Grades 3-10. Mrs. Fields and Mr. Reimers are collaborating in their AHS English classes to reinforce skills for the exam. In March, they focused on reviewing one reading standard per week. Students applied skills they had learned and practiced throughout the year to short reading passages.  Classes included practice Monday through Thursday and a short post-assessment over the standard on Thursday. Based on the results of the assessment, students either participated in the First-Chapter Friday activities or practiced more on the standard on Friday. Mr. Reimers and Mrs. Fields alternated each week because sometimes students just need to hear the lesson from or practice with another teacher. 

 In the First-Chapter Friday activity, students (and the teacher) read aloud the first chapter of a book in class and then completed an enrichment activity related to the book's content. Students had an opportunity to win their own copy of the book. Books that were read during First-Chapter Friday included The Hobbit and The Martian.

 Thank you to Mr. Reimer and Mrs. Fields for working creatively to prepare students for the ACT Aspire. We expect this hard work to pay off!