Great Kindness Challenge

Peake Elementary School took part in The Great Kindness Challenge and One School, One Book during the week of May 16th-20th. The Great Kindness Challenge is a week dedicated to doing kind acts. The students participated in Spirit Days by dressing up according to the theme of the day. Spirit days included Monday-Crazy for Kindness (wear mix match clothes); Tuesday-Dreaming of a Kinder World (wear pajamas); Wednesday-Team Kindness (class dresses alike); Thursday-Hats Off to Kindness (wear a hat); and Friday-Spirit of Kindness(wear a Peake or Badger shirt). As students arrived at school each day by bus or car, they were greeted by students with kindness signs. 

The week also included Community Kindness. Peake collected Kind supplies for the Clark County Humane Society. On Thursday, ladies from First Baptist Church volunteered their time to prepare supplies so that each class of students could create chew toys to donate with the other supplies to the Humane Society. By Thursday, Peake had almost 200 chew toys, pet food, cleaning supplies, and a generous cash donation for the Clark County Humane Society. Peake collected Kind coins for the cash donation; each grade level filled their quarter tubes, seeing which could do it first. 

Students started the week by going over a Great Kindness Challenge checklist that encouraged them to perform acts of kindness and appreciation to people within their school. Each day the students reviewed the list and were encouraged to complete a few each day. The students also participated in a class Kindness activity. On Monday, each class made a banner that they hung on the hall wall near their classroom. Tuesday, each student within a class decorated a pennant that was strung together and hung throughout the school. Wednesday was a Class-to-Class kindness activity when one class did a kind act for another class. Thursday, students made the dog chew toys, and Friday students wrote a kind note to any adult at Peake.

Along with The Great Kindness Challenge, Peake also took part the same week in One School, One Book! This is an opportunity for the entire school to read one book together in one week. Thanks to a grant from the Ross Foundation, every student at Peake received a copy of Dog Days, by Karen English. Each day, the classroom teacher read two chapters from the book Dog Days (except one chapter on Wednesday) as the students followed along in their books. The students then completed a book study assignment on what was read that day. 

What a wonderful week for Peake Students and Staff. The school is filled with kindness reminders and the students enjoy showing kindness in the school and the community. Thank you to Mrs. Charlotte DeWitt, Peake Media Specialist, for writing the Ross Foundation Grant application and coordinating the Great Kindness Challenges and One School, One Book opportunity. Anyone who would like to see more pictures and videos may go to Peake Elementary’s Facebook Page. Kindness matters!