Badgers Ready for Learning Facebook Live Q&A

Selected members of the APSD Ready for Learning Committee will be answering questions on a Facebook live video Q&A time on the Arkadelphia Public School District Facebook page on Monday, July 27, at 4:00 p.m. central. If you aren't able to watch the Q&A session live, it will remain on our APSD Facebook page and be posted to YouTube for those who may not have a Facebook page.

We know that you have questions about how students will return to school whether it be related to our in-person learning option or the virtual option. Please submit your question(s) in the Google Form at the link below and we will compile a list for the representatives of the Ready for Learning Committee to answer Monday. 

We will do our best to answer each question we get, but doing this will allow us to get a gauge on some of the most frequently-asked questions parents may have.

APSD Ready for Learning Facebook Live Question Submission Form