APSD Nurse Macy Jones

Macy Jones has been a school nurse in the Arkadelphia School District for three years. Macy currently serves as the full-time nurse on the Peake Elementary School campus that serves Grades 3 through 5. Before coming to the Arkadelphia School District, Macy was a labor and delivery nurse and still works in that position when needed during her time outside of school.

Macy loves taking care of people and she especially enjoys the interaction with the students. She worked in a daycare while attending nursing school. She was acquiring skills that would serve her well as a school nurse.

Macy cares for students with a variety of health concerns in her position. Her job is far more than just medical, sometimes being a counselor and a secretary. She often provides resources for essential needs such as clothing and food for students and their families.  Being a school nurse has brought on situations that she says require skills that she did not necessarily learn in nursing school.

Though COVID has brought challenges for schools, Macy has witnessed parents being more connected and involved with the school. She wants to protect the health of her students which causes her to view prevention as an important aspect of her job. She takes seriously the threat  of students taking illnesses into their homes and this influences the decisions she makes every day. The bottom line--school nurses save lives.

Mary Snowden, Peake Elementary School Principal, states that Macy "exemplifies what a school nurse should be. Caring for a student population of over 400 students is a huge job in itself; adding a pandemic into the mix has made our nurses’  jobs all the more difficult. It’s very admirable how she works to keep our students and staff members as safe as she possibly can.  Nurse Macy is truly an asset to Peake. Not only does she skillfully treat and provide care for our students, but she does it all with such patience.  The students love her and she has such a great relationship with them."

Superintendent Dr. Karla Neathery stresses that “the APSD school nurses are valued members of our team and community.  Their compassion, optimism, and kindness do not go unnoticed.”

Thank you Macy Jones for serving the Arkadelphia School District faithfully every day.

The Arkadelphia Public School District school nurses were recognized at the regular September Board Meeting with a Badger Pride Award, but the appreciation did not stop there. APSD Board Members presented gift baskets full of local business products and gift cards to Nurses Spenser O'Brien, Macy Jones, and Beth Hasley. Nicole McGough with Patterson Federal Credit Union was also there to present the nurses with a gift card. Thank you to our school nurses for your dedication and hard work to our district. We appreciate our APSD Board and community for recognizing the efforts of our school nurses.