A committee of parents, staff and local business leaders formed by the Arkadelphia Public School District is in the process working to transition the APSD Early Childhood Center (ECC) to a non-profit organization beginning in the summer of 2019.  APS announced at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting that it would cease it’s affiliation and operation of the ECC on June 30, 2019.

The ECC has been under the umbrella of the Arkadelphia Public School district since 2010, but the District has been looking at other options with the goal of keeping the center open and providing a seamless transition for the families in the community.

“We are pleased to be focusing on a continuation of services, while alleviating the District’s financial commitment that comes with the operation of this type of business,” said APS Superintendent Dr. Donnie Whitten. “We believe in and fully support early childhood education, however it is not financially feasible to continue under the current structure.  Community support will be critical as we move forward with the process.”

The center was opened in 2009 as part of the Clark County Strategic Plan and was funded in large part due to federal grants, which have since expired.

The committee is in the process of forming the non-profit organization board and will work with the district in the transition process.